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So on 2/15/17 i see a charge on my bank for $19but no company name it just shows $19 pending I look in my email and see a email from veers cosmetics thanking me for my order and a order conformation will be sent when item is shipped, well my daughter used my bank card without my permission, long run around get a phone number for them, I call to cancel the order seeing it was not shipped yet, I try to give the order number but the lady said she dont need it what email was the order conformation I give my email, she puts me on hold, mean while does not mute the hold i hear her tell another lady some one wants to cancel their order and we did not send it how do i do that, the other lady said push the order through any way and tell her to just reject the package or send it back for a refund to tell me its already been shipped, she comes back to the phone I told her that I heard what was just said the other lady tellig you to push it through and you saying it was not sent yet, right then i get an email alert 2/17/17 from Veer Cosmetics stating the item shipped 2/20/17 really its not even the 17th yet not to mention the tracking number does not exist they refused to cancel my order and pushed it through to be sent telling me to refuse the shipment when it arrives once they get it back it will be refunded, one thing it will be dropped at my door because no signature is required to receive the package. they refuse to cancel an order before it being shipped knowing it was not me who used my bank card to order and refused to cancel, my bank told me I have to wait for it to post to my bank once it is no longer pending I can then file an affidavit to request my funds back but the company can challenge it stating they sent me the item and they did not receive it then it creates a longer dispute. don't trust this company my god I did not order it tried to cancel they push it through while im on the phone to be shipped and then lie and tell me its already in transit with a date 2 days away from today how can something ship on 2/20/17 when its only the 17th crooked scam company if they are this crooked don't trust the guarantee money back i bet they get the product back and you never get your money back.

Review about: Veer Cosmetics Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $19.


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Breda, Iowa, United States #1294845

ever heard of a comma or a period????

to Anonymous #1298679


Why are you complaining about a comma or a period?Have you ever heard of a capital at the beginning of a sentence?

Have you ever heard of a full sentence?

I'm not the grammar police, just pointing out your idiotic judgement.


This lady was trying to give her opinion. Maybe you should simply use common sense and, let it go.

I value her opinion.

I, for one, will not be ordering due to her experience.

Have a fantastic day!

to Anonymous #1328831

Get over yourself you troll. She was obviously pissed. And rightfully so.

Herndon, Virginia, United States #1289834

Seriously this isn't the company that is fraudulent...it's closer to home with your daughter using your card. Geez, get real.

to Anonymous #1318034

You are an ***, clearly the compamy is fraudulent..Read all the bad reviews of tons of people getting screwed out of their money.

Do your research and stop judging others, ***.Peace..

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